How Are We Doing?

“I was experiencing 2 problems in my home. Rats and skunks. Living in the mountain ridges brings all sorts of critters in our area, so we were not entirely surprised by the skunks. They managed to build a small den under our deck stairs and while they were cute, they were causing quite a mess. Around the same time we also started noticing a lot of rat activity and before we knew it they had done damage to our electrical wiring. I called Desert Squad to help us with our issue. Michael came out and was able to trap the den of skunks within 2 days. We didn't want the skunks killed, so it was nice to know they release them back into the wild far north of the valley. They also did 2 weeks of rat trapping and repair work to close off the areas the rats were getting in from. We are ever thankful for their wonderful service! Thank you Desert Squad!!!!”


“We've been having an ongoing pigeon problem in our area. I was tired of washing pigeon poop off our car windshields and around the front of our house. ? I saw Mike doing some work on one of our neighbors solar panels to keep pigeons away. I waited a few days to see if the pigeons were going to come back and they didn't. I called Mike a week later and he took care of the areas the pigeons were landing and sitting on. Finally... the dang pigeons are gone!!!! I'm happy, my wife is happy, life is good again.”


“We were having problems with having rats coming over the wall from the shopping center. I called Michael he then placed bait boxes and within a week we saw results the rats started dying off. I would highly recommend desert squad pest & wildlife for your pest issues.......thank you Michael.”


“We had a problem with Rat's in our attic.... we called around, one company wanted a fortune and the other one mickey mouse the job. We didn't think we where going to get rid of them... until a friend recommended we call Michael at Desert Squad. Michael inspected our house inside and out and showed us pictures of what exactly was going on and what needed to be done, our problem was larger than we thought, the rat's weren't only in the attic they were also coming in the doggie door... within less than two weeks we were finally rids of the rat's. Michael come over at least every other day to make sure everything was going as planned. Michael is very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He removed all droppings and disenfected to our satisfaction and affordable.”


“This Service is Great. Michael was very Professional and explained the whole process to us, before getting started. He was on time, to do what he needed to get rid of those rats coming over from neighbors, coming into our property.
(No More Rats).
Thank you!!! I would recommend them to others. And, No more Rats. Thank You Again!!!”