Our 8 Step Program Provides The Best Results

What to expect:

  1. Arrive on target time
  2. Meet, greet, know your technician and listen to your concerns
  3. We thoroughly inspect your foundation, garage, and perimeter to uncover any insect activity
  4. We web dust to undo all spider webs around your house, yard, and irrigation boxes
  5. We do a liquid treatment around your foundation, pest entry points, perimeter, cracks and crevices, and inside your home if necessary.
  6. We do a granular treatment around the property and irrigation box for general insects.
  7. We educate you about what activity is going on around your home
  8. In the event you are not home, we will also do a quality control call to make sure you are briefed of what we found around your home and an update on everything we have done